A R T I S T / M O D E L

My love for creation budded early as a young goddess, starting an entrepreneurial business selling art in elementary school, creating and managing web pages made from hard CSS and HTML coding and Photoshop edited graphic artwork for the website for a targeted and recruited community. As I got older, I became really attracted to the idea of using my own image in my artwork. The idea of modeling wasn't really something I considered until fairly recently. I've had cancer twice in the past 4 years, but my first experience with it was the most important. During the time I was getting therapy, my life became extremely monastic in a beautiful way. It was then I started educating myself on the things that interest me most today: dreaming, symbolism, religion, philosophy, quantum physics and metaphorical allegory, which ultimately lead me to a fascination of occult esoteric knowledge. I also love the earth and am an active member of the Sierra Club IL, which deals with lobbying our state legislators to pass laws that protect humanity and the environment from corporations. These amassed beautiful ideas are things I like to incorporate into my art today. By creating this portfolio I hope to be involved with super fresh n phat collaborations in the future, while still creating my own art emitting my own yin-yang enigmatic flava. I especially want to encourage young women to make spreading knowledge and metaphysical curioisity more of a cool thing.



1) Brian Fresco - "Bae" music video actress lead, featured on Noisey.com (November 2014)

2) Surreal Beauty Magazine model & interview (June Issue 2015)

3) Bumble and Bumble live hair model (August 2015)

4) Slickster Magazine model & interview (February 2016)

5) “Fish Eye” short film marketing content graphic designer (March 2016-Present)

6) Industry Rules Magazine model & interview (July Issue 2016)

7) NMRA Mustang Drag Race Event: NITTO promotional model (July 2016)

8) The Moonlight Collective model snapchat takeover & features (July 2016)

9) Brian Fresco "Call" Music Video featured on The Fader and Chicago's REDEYE (September 2016)

10) North American Hair Show Model (December 2016)


*outside of paid portfolio work